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What's in a name

Insanity Diptych | Janice Sztabnik

"Insanity" Diptych; Oil on stretched canvas, Silkscreen on paper 2018

There is nothing new in terms of name recognition. Sometimes that alone will get one in the door.

In the case of Ivanka, she is the Senior Advisor to the President of the (our) United States. She assumed the role of Senior Advisor, advancing to Senior position although never even taking rank as Junior. She was granted access to classified material while not being held to the same restrictions as a federal employee.

Really? I know as the mother to a daughter who works in a large institution, I don't even have the right to pass the guard in the lobby. Nor could I scamper into the White House without gaining approval from elected officials, a current passport, sniffing dogs, body guards with large weapons...

Frankly, as an artist, I look to society, its values, the people, etc. to draw inspiration from, to reveal the truths of my findings. I take these perceptions with me; in mind, by way of perception, in sketch, or by way of a photograph. I absorb these findings and they simmer and stew. Then I contemplate further at which time I create art.

Not the type of art my neighbor may want to purchase, I'm making a statement about life in my times that I feel compelled to express.

If reality shows exist, and people actually waste their time on this planet to watch, I'm watching the elected, the chosen few who are supposed to be intelligent enough to steer us, to act with a sound mind and grace. To make our world a better place.

Like a scientist of sorts, I leave my studio with findings that make my heart sink, and my stomach tighten.

My mind recalls images of a yesterday spent in a local candy store when apothecary jars really did exist. I worked my way up from earning .50 cents an hour. To gain the respect of my friends, neighbors till age thirteen when I could hold down a job. And, to pay for my sweets.

At no point was I able to just reach into the candy jar and take.

Access granted? Well, not quite yet.

Have you ever found yourself pondering bringing an idea to market you have thought is so unique, only to see one of the big guys promoting your idea with more pomp and circumstance?

Same as in art. Many artists share a similar vision, theme and experience. We share it differently. We create it differently. Like the childrens book "We are the Same but Different", seems we are.

Funny how my painting was created at the same time that Eric Fischl painted his. We are the same, but different. Erics work titled "Presence of Absence" is on display until May 26 at Skarstedt Gallery.

Eric Fischl | Donald Trump Clown

I'm just looking for my minute of revue, I'm not even asking for similar fame, yet.

Just like in the movies, where the Hollywoods shine "I'm looking at You" (DeNiro), "Here's Looking at You" (Casablanca)....And I'm looking at the world, and in particular my country, to set the example they feel the rest of us should live by.

I need truth, and I look to my work to reveal that to me.


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