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Primarily an oil based painter, the creative process of my work is based on these key elements: exploration of the subconscious, improvisation and serendipity, while emphasizing the physicality of paint.

My interest focuses on the human form presented in an abstract way. The cycles of life and all experiences in between, particularly those that examine close relationships are the basis for my works content. Not often noticeable, I often rework a painting through layering, symbolizing how relationships change and alter over time. The work reflects the relationship I have with myself, with others and embedding these emotions into the medium itself.

While I allow a certain amount of expectation and negotiation between reality and fiction through the figure, the rest is left to chance: a device to hold the viewer's attention.  The figures often struggle with being visible, a theme central to my work and connected to my identity as a woman in a phase of life largely undefined in our culture.

For the viewer, spirituality and humanity can be examined through these efforts.

WHO INSPIRES ME: the Bay Area Figurative Artists of the 50s and 60s, Abstract Expressionists and Pop Culture, past and present.

"The art would stand alone.

Its message would be judged on its expression of beauty & truth."

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