Walk to the Beat

On a Tuesday night in April, a subway station was full of people walking from one end to another, slipping in and out of train cars. Nothing special, except they weren't modern cars. There was one from every decade dating back to the early 1900's. This station in Brooklyn no longer has cars buzzing by, but instead serves as a museum of the history of the New York transit system. At the "Platform" event, select artists were chosen to display their expertise in a way that incorporated the train cars and transit in the metro area. In a subway car from the late 1990's, hip-hop beats spilled out onto the platform, drawing people inside. We all had a blast filling out Mad Libs relating to the daily commute and having Billy bring them to life with impressive improv skills. Check out more of Billy's music here.

Choo - choo!!!

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inside the studio
outside the studio

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