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School of Visual Arts Summer Residency

Day One !!

Thanks to the staff at School of Visual Arts for such a warm welcome today! They provided a lovely breakfast while my fellow painting comrades and I each had an opportunity to show visuals of our work and inspire each other with our back stories.

There is continuity between how us artists think, yet we each express our selves differently. Depending on what country we have been raised in, what our parents professions have exposed us to, and a variety of other life experiences our work then becomes our own. A language for which we continue to explore and develop.

We are the same, yet different.

Heres a glimpse into my studio space- I have been given a locker and a table which is not visible in this photo. And, fortunately, I have these windows which face south in front of me. I adore sunlight and am thrilled to have some natural daylight to work from.

The white walls are inspiring and am curious what will work I may conjure up. Its exciting to look forward to the painting unknowns.

Not so quick I tell myself, I've been waiting to incorporate some other mediums into my work- hope to have the time to tap into some of my ideas! The staff has talks and trips planned that will keep our time together humming.

Its NOT too late! Would you consider making a contribution to my Go Fund Me campaign which supports my work this summer? Click here.

Or, by purchasing one of my paintings from my existing catalog or my intended efforts you can own your very own original.


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