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power of color!

Since color is the first thing you see before texture, pattern, surface or content, what does color say about your work?

The 4 dimensions of color are: Hue Value Intensity Temperature

Hue: Another name for color, the first dimension of color Value: The lightness or darkness of a color Intensity, Saturation, or Chroma: The third dimension of color is the purity of a hue. Pure hue is the most intense form of a color Adding white, gray or black to a color lowers its intensity Intensity is percentage of pure hue in a color & measured high- low Achromatic or Neutrals: White & black with all their forms of grays White, black & gray are sometimes referred to as values without hue or intensity Black: All colors combined to create black on a surface (subtractive system) All light absorbed, all colors are absorbed (subtractive system) White: No color appears on a surface (subtractive system) No light absorbed, all colors reflected (subtractive system) Grays: Black plus white Can also be created by mixing of complementary colors Tints: Hue mixed with white Tone: Hue mixed with gray Shade: Hue mixed black Spectrum: When white light is fractured, it separates into various visible electromagnetic radiations of wavelengths. A human eye can only see a limited amount of these wavelengths - approx. infrared to ultraviolet. The spectral inspired 12-step color wheel (subtractive system) consists of: yellow, yellow/green, green, green/blue, blue, blue/violet, violet, violet/red, red, red/orange, orange, and orange/yellow Monochromatic: Using a single hue Made of different values of the same hue Variations of a single hue, mixed with white, gray &/or black. Analogous: Colors: are next to one another (adjacent) on the color wheel, with a key common color. Example; yellow, orange/yellow, orange, red/orange

Review work by colorists such as Ellsworth Kelly, Josef Albers, Pierre Bonnard, Henri Matisse, and more Industry-approved reading: Interaction of Color: 50th Anniversary Edition, by Josef Albers with foreword by Nicholas Fox Weber.


Join in on the upcoming Sketchbook Series,

to be held at at Cold Spring Harbor High School click here for brochure description (pg. 6)

Each week we will discuss the components of strong design: color, composition, and content


cow collage sketchbook artist black white

MOOO..."here's to a colorful day!"


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