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Frozen...not in the creative moment? Lets move forward, TOGETHER!

Looking back, it had been years that I had the desire to doodle and paint. This being after I left a (now looking back) very prestigious career as a Graphic Designer. I worked at Merrill lynch as a corporate designer, Estee lauder as a promotional specialist (yes, met the woman behind the name!) and at large agencies for accounts such as Saab, Weight Watchers, Luxotica, MasterCard, and more.

Yet, through all of the campaigns, which required my use of conceptual ideas, focus and marketing, I was spell bound.

It took years before I could figure out my first steps. Ridiculous, right!?

Maybe, because it was right before my eyes. Was I dancing around the obvious?

Hmm, what’s wrong with applying the obvious? ...BINGO, Just do what I did for my accounts.

STARTat the start. Face the emptiness of the white page.

So with that, I picked up my first sketchbook, which i call my "little black book” ...and started.

I gathered tidbits of interesting disparate images, thoughts and words. I started to integrate these elements and limited multi media all into page format. I began .to lay out my book like any other project with a left and right facing page. I wanted to create relationships both intimate and in mass. (each book can maintain sole proprietorship or share content)

And so it is, that a few years later, my head is STILL IN THE BOOK. No long-term commitments… I come and go as I please, whenever the impulse. Both in content and in medium I have learned to satisfy my eye and soul.

And… if you think your idea has never been done before, keep in mind “what’s old, is new again”. Affirming this, check out this YouTube video:

Join ME, participate in one of my workshops for an ARTIST'S spiritual awakening. Check out dates as posted on my site! Come as you are, leave with a new perspective.


narrative of the medium

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