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Exploring the New and Noteworthy Artists on Saatchi Art

Im delighted to share that my work has been included as featured work under the category of New Discoveries!

If you are on the SaatchiArt home page, please open up New Discoveries, then scroll to Brooklyn, and viola! Three of my recent works have been selected, with one of the paintings already claimed by a collector in Brooklyn!

My gratitude to all of those involved at Saatchi Art for continuing to support my work- its a total group effort!

“Brooklyn has shaped figuration’s rise in popularity, as artists there see the world in color and dynamic energy—immerse yourself in the city’s vibrant expressions and diverse narratives.”

India Balyejusa

Art Advisory & Curation Supervisor

View the artworks closer up:

*the above screenshot is taken from posted the week of March 11.2024


narrative of the medium

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