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And Now You Know Why

Oooooh eeeee aughhh, the angst on making decisions.

How many days and dark, endless nights I had wrestled with myself. Right brain vs the left brain, the conscious vs the unconscious, waging war in an ad agency vs spending days working alone painting….

Wrestling with the thoughts...

What does ART do for the planet, for people, for animals, for nature?

Is there a need, a purpose, do I bother?

And as my younger brother bellowed “you’ve got one foot in the grave”, clarity quickly came into focus.

Lol, forget the bourbon, that question is the shot that makes one really think.

How do I rationalize my insignificance, isn’t painting a seemingly insignificant contribution?

I wanted to be a forest ranger! Save wild animals and save the trees I’ve tenderly planted in my own garden. I named my kids after my favorite botany like Forrest and Birch.

But art found me.

Janice Sztabnik: Saatchi Featured Collection

Amongst the turmoil of losing my son Forrest and not knowing where or who to turn for all of the questions I needed answered, I quietly suffered.

What I found is that nobody has all the answers. The whys remained an open cavern; sometimes to wide to jump or too rough to swim.

Years later, I met someone casually. They asked me why I didn’t have the courage to find a class, make the commitment and put down some art. Really, to stop making excuses.

And because It was the only therapy I could believe in, I started painting. After the longg decade plus, of wondering if I could find the courage, I dove in. Back into the cavern.

Not to find myself calling for EMS but to save myself from the unknowns.

Each time, to search all of life’s questions, to wrestle each thought, put it on paper, board, canvas or into a photograph. To give the thought a surface to live out on, to understand it, to let it go.

To document the passage of time, learn something more about myself and act as my own interpreter.

My work is about being a painting journalist!

I work best starting with an idea but letting the free flow take over. My work is about documenting moments, thoughts, situations between people and allow objects to serve as surrogate people.

Here are some of the reasons that art fills a need- both yours and mine!

Because: we all have a need for beauty, a need for communication, expression, a need to bring up our emotional side, a need for inspiration. And I know, there is more.

Art, whether a painting, a vase, a piece of jewelry, or an amazing meal, makes us feel !!

Art is one of the most expressive decorative elements you can add to your home or business, and paintings can infuse your décor with rich, vibrant colors, and texture.

Or, there is also what I always hope for - a work of art that stands its space and serves as a point of departure for a casual icebreaker or better still, a more hearty discussion!

Art offers dozens of styles and mediums to which to select from. In fact, most artists build the content of their work into thematics and categories. A beautiful oil painting can turn a house into a home, and establish a mood or create a statement.

Hey, now that its officially Spring, does your cozy hut need a face lift?

Let me lay this out again -

The problem = people are looking for inspiring, thought-provoking, memory-inducing or status-confirming (the list goes on) objects of beauty to make their house a home.

The solution = artwork locally produced with love and attention to detail.

Imagine yourself saying ‘OMG, this is exactly what I’ve been looking for, this sassy gal totally gets me and my needs!’

Art solves the need for aesthetic beauty and a sense of comfort in the space where you live! Art fulfills our need for expression of our personality and style. Art fills a space with identity and connection.

Ready to make a purchase? Consider one of my paintings in setting the tone of your room.

For those who may not be ready for lifetime commitments, I’m encouraging you to inquire about my work in the form of SUBSCRIPTION ART.

Subscribe for whatever amount of time, switch it up, keep it fresh! As frequently as you are ready to, we can swap out a painting!

Company coming, wedding, or dinner party and the place looks bland? Get the art in there asap!

Have I solved your problem?

My art needs to be visible, it needs a home, to be validated and appreciated.

Your walls may just be the right temporary or permanent partners and make them become significant!

Please, support my calling!


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