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art journaling workshops

Have you ever wondered what to do with the clippings and fragments of the visual memories that you have collected? Journal your thoughts in a meaningful expressive way. Document the passage of time, challenges and celebrations within a contemporary notebook and begin your own personal library of stand-alone books that reflect you.


Combine text and imagery to develop your own compelling narrative

story; generate personally relevant art and visual conversation through the

use of unusual connections. These ideas may later be developed into concepts for larger works.


The purpose of this workshop is to explore relationships of data using the freedom of visual expression and of use of a variety of materials. Your book will intersect somewhere between commercial and fine art: high and low art. What’s your story and how can you translate data into a visual dialogue? The purpose is to get “out of our heads” and put something on paper. Here, through producing quantity you will arrive at quality.


Imagery and color selections are yours - what I give you are the tips, tricks, techniques, and confidence to try to make great and quick art! There are no rules; lets combine imagery and visuals that set off unusual dynamics. Lets play for fun.

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janice sztabnik sketchbooks
janice sztabnik sketchbooks
janice sztabnik sketchbooks
janice sztabnik sketchbooks
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